This describes 3 ways to automate your mlm network marketing business during the summer months. Just because you want to have fun this summer doesn’t mean that you can’t make money too!

Have you noticed that as the days get longer and warmer, you’re finding less time to work your business each day?

If that sounds like you, here’s how spend more time doing what you like to do in the summer months AND create additional income from home with your business. They key is to..

Automate Your Business!

Automate is the key. Automation allows you to continue prospecting and sponsoring while you’re out having fun.

Here are 3 ways to automate your business today:

#1. Direct bizop traffic to your online marketing system.

This is a fabulous way to automate your business. It starts by driving targeted bizop mlm webtraffictomnitorweb traffic to your mlm lead capture page. Those that have an interest in your offer then complete your web form to learn more. Once they do that, they’re redirected to your business presentation to learn more. They’re also subscribed to your follow-up emails that are sent automatically.

All that prospecting and follow-up happens automatically. So whether you’re at the family picnic, at the kid’s ballgame or napping on the beach, your prospect never knows the difference. They’re moving themselves thru your sales funnel as they review your business information.

Where do you find quality bizop web traffic?

You can buy a bunch of mlm leads yourself and do an email blast. That’s kinda risky in today’s market. You could hire someone to send an email to their lists as a solo ad. It seems like there’s dozens and dozens of these guys out on the Internet today. Unfortunately you don’t really know who to trust.

Or you can use our mlm web traffic called MyAutoPilot Traffic to drive business opportunity seekers to your lead capture page. That’s easy to do.

#2. Have other people do your work.MLMCallCenterDialService

Whether they are leads that you generate on your own, or leads that you purchased, hire someone else to do all the follow-up work for you.

Instead of dialing 100s of numbers yourself to to sift and sort prospects, let someone else do that tedious work for you.

Once a prospect has been screened, your assistant can pass the lead to you for closing. This is a great way to leverage your time and only talk to those prospects that want to learn more about your business.

Where do you find these people to call your leads?

Well you could advertise for people on Craigslist, or post a job at oDesk or Elance.  There are literally 1,000s of people out there. Post your job and get ready for the avalanche of responses. Carve some time out for interviewing them all to find the good ones.

Or you could hire one of our professional callers to do the work for you. Easy enough.

#3. Send an email daily to build relationships.

I used to think that you should never send email daily to your prospects. I’ve always felt that sending “daily” was just too often. However recently I’ve come to learn that you can mail your prospects daily if your mindful on what you send.

Most network marketers I know tend to send email after email saying “click here to get started now“. They pound and pound their prospects with these messages over and over. Once the prospect starts getting the same message over and over, they start to tune out and unsubscribe.

Whereas a number of Internet Marketers (IMs) are sending emails daily. But their messages are different. Instead of pounding the reader with “join now” emails, their messages act to educate and inform the reader. And because the information is helpful and useful, readers stay subscribed and continue to read.  As they do this, IMs sprinkle in their offers over time that make them money.

In summary, there are 3 ways to automate your mlm network marketing business while you enjoy the summer fun. Put these methods in place for your business and let the good times roll!