As I’ve been saying for some time now, web traffic is becoming more and more “mobile” and less and less “desktop” based. More people are accessing the Internet using their mobile devices instead of their desktop computer. While that’s great for prospects that want instant access to information anytime anywhere, it’s not so great for those companies that haven’t yet become mobile optimized.

As I looked at the direct sales marketing landscape, I discovered 3 ways that most direct selling companies are missing out on mobile marketing:

1) Many distributor websites are not mobile optimized. When a prospect goes to your company website on their mobile device, does it look like the screenshot at right? If so, then that means that the website is not mobile optimized. has a mobile optimized website. A mobile optimized website is one that changes the the webpage layout and font size so as to fit properly and remain legible on the mobile device screen, regardless of that screen size.

While many companies are to blame for not paying close attention to their marketing materials, most often the blame can point back to the company’s web hosting service provider – the company that creates and hosts the replicated sites and its distributor back-office reporting. Many of these companies built their systems years ago and simply have not bothered to update them. By not making software updates, they end up hindering their client companies and their distributors.

2) Very few companies offer mobile apps to their distributors. If you look in the iTunes and Google Play app stores, you’ll see that a number of the top tier companies have made mobile apps available to their distributors.

But what if you’re not in a top 100 company? What if you have a great product or service but your company just hasn’t gotten around to creating a mobile app for its distributors yet?

Not having a mobile app for your business will soon be like not having a company replicated website for your business.

Having a company replicated is a must for you. Having a mobile app for your business will be much the same.

3) Most company mobile apps focus on orders. I find it amazing that companies will spend crazy money on creating mobile apps that only take orders, or report distributor genealogy. Couldn’t they have done that with a mobile optimized webpage instead?

In my opinion, “Prospecting” should be the #1 focus of all mobile apps. Most distributors I know spend their time prospecting for new distributors; not tracking orders. Let’s face it, if you’re not spending time prospecting, there won’t be any orders to track!

In closing, I’ll go on the record as saying that I’ve been working on some nifty ideas related to using mobile apps for prospecting and presenting. Keep an eye out on this newsletter for upcoming announcements that will put you on the cutting edge of today’s mobile marketing.

In the meanwhile, make it a great day!

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