This describes 3 “must-have” smartphone mobile apps for your mlm network marketing business.  These mobile apps will help you make more money in your mlm network marketing business.

In today’s newsletter I want to provide you with the 3 top smartphone apps that I use to run my business.  Each mobile app helps me maintain focus on what’s important in my business.  Use these apps yourself and you’ll find that you’re more productive with your day as well.

App #1 for MLM:  Google Calendar

I use Google Calendar for everything in my life.  I use it to schedule calls, appointments, meetings, kids activities.. even family time.

To create a Google Calendar, you just need to have a account which you can create at Log into your Gmail account and go to the Calendar section to begin creating calendar entries.

Google Calendar provides you a web-browser interface so it is easy to type calendar entries from your computer.  There are also a number of mobile apps available for both Apple and Android devices.

The beauty of Google Calendar is that the web-based calendar will sync with the smartphone mobile app calendar.  Any change you make at one, shows up at the other.

You can create topic-specific calendars.  Create one for business, another for personal, another for an organization, etc.

Your family can create calendars of their own.  You can configure your calendar so that their calendar is displayed in your calendar.  That’s a great way to stay “in sync” with your family.

Google Calendar allows you view your daily, weekly or monthly schedule at a glance.  You can create event reminder alarms.  Google will send you an email or text message whenever you want to be reminded of the event.

In my opinion, Google Calendar is a “must have” for any business owner. Click here to learn more.

App #2 for MLM:  Google Tasks

Google Tasks allows you to keep track of what you need to do.

Just click and type to add new tasks, set due dates or add notes, and (most satisfyingly) check them off as you’re done. Your task list stays up to date no matter how you access it. It’s a simple list that’s with you everywhere you go – either on your computer or on your mobile device.

You can create tasks with due dates and they automatically appear on your calendar as well.

I setup of Tasks list daily.  The most important items go to the top of the list. I mark thru them as I complete them.  I rearrange them (drag and drop) based on priority as priority changes.

To learn more about Google Tasks, click here.

App #3 for MLM:  Evernote

Evernote makes it easy to remember things – big and small – from your everyday life using your computer, phone, tablet and web browser.

When you create a free Evernote account, you can keep all your notes, web clips, files and images available at all times – at your computer or your mobile device.  Your Evernote account will sync the information at all places.

Use it to remember things you like.  Snap a photo, record an audio or just type a note. You can even save entire webpages to your account.

You can search notes by keyword, tag or by images.

You can also share your notes and collaborate on projects with others using Evernote.

The neat thing about Evernote is that it is password protected.  So I can store sensitive information within the mobile app and have it readily available anywhere, anytime.

To learn more about Evernote, click here.

Bonus App for MLM:  Toggl

Have you ever wondered why it is that you never seem to be able to get any productive money-making work done?  Maybe it has something to do with how you’re  spending your time.

A great way to track your time is to use Toggl.

Toggle is free and is available via a web browser or mobile app.  Toggle allows you to track time spent on specific tasks.  Simply type in the task description, then click the “Start” button.  Toggle begins a timer.  Once you stop the task, click the “Stop” button.  Toggl records the task and duration.

Starting a new task?  Enter it in Toggl.

Using Toggl, you can track how you’ve spent your time today, yesterday, last week, last month, or last year.  Toggl produces summary reports – bar chart and pie charts – of how you spent your time.

Become more efficient with your business time by tracking it with Toggl.  To learn more about Toggl, click here.

This mlm network marketing tips article desribed 3 “must-have” smartphone mobile apps for your mlm network marketing business.  Each of these mobile apps will help you make more money in your mlm network marketing business working from home.

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