This describes the 3 most common questions asked about mlm web traffic to generate mlm leads.

I’ve had a number of emails the past few days from customers anxious to receive mlm web traffic at their lead capture page. The three most common questions concerning web traffic have been:

1) “How does it work?

2) “How fast will my web traffic order fill?”

3) “When are the best times and days to receive traffic?”

Let’s quickly answer these questions for you.

Here’s how it works..

We place banner and text ads on high traffic consumer sites that describe “Make money from home. Learn how.” When someone clicks on the ad to learn more, we direct them to your mlm lead capture page on a per click or per visitor basis. Once they arrive on your lead capture page, it’s up to your lead capture page to capture the mlm lead and send it to you. The better the lead capture page, the greater the optin rate at the page.

Leads that opt into your page are highly targeted and yours exclusively.

And now.. Here’s how fast mlm web traffic orders are filled..

On small orders of say 40 clicks, we usually like to fill those within 4 days thereabouts.

On larger orders, we like to spread them out so that they fill in 10 to 14 days thereabouts. Or even longer with some of the largest web traffic packages.

Why do we spread traffic delivery out over time?

We do that so that you will receive the best optin rate at your lead capture page. You see, we know that Internet traffic has ebbs and flows. There will be times when it seems that most every visitor is opting into your lead capture page. While there will be other times and days when it seems that no one is responding at all. I have no idea why this happens but I know it happens after monitoring this for years.

When we set your order to fill over a period of time, you end up receiving traffic from various times and days. It all works out in your favor.

When are the best times and days to receive web traffic?

Boy, if I had an answer to that, I would be cashed out by now living on some secluded island without Internet access. While I can tell you that there are ebbs and flows in traffic, those ebbs and flows change all the time. It’s almost like trying to predict when a wave will wash up on the beach. You know it happens constantly, but you can’t really predict when.

In summary, we drive traffic from high traffic consumer sites to your lead capture page on a per click basis. We set your web traffic order to fill over a period of time. We do this so that you receive the most value for your advertising investment. And so that you’ll have a continuous stream of inbound leads for your business.

I hope this explanation helps your understanding of how the MyAutoPilot Traffic service works. Thanks for reading.

To your success,

Enrique Garibay