This mlm lead prospecting article describes 3 MLM Lead Prospecting Tips to help you succeed with your mlm or network marketing business opportunity.

By now you’ve probably heard the stories of Bill Britt.  Britt was wildly successful as a distributor in Amway.  Britt was the personal sponsor of MLM Prospecting Trainer, Mike Boggs.  Mike tells me that Britt’s prospecting over 10 years was something like…

* 18,500+ people that Britt personally prospected
* 3,268 people saw the business “plan” or attended an opportunity meeting
* 621 people got started on product or business
* 304 people did something with the business while the others quit
* 61 people built a business of $500 a month or more
* 11 people made him rich
* 3 people made him millions

So what was the bottom line to Britt’s success?

Britt prospected a lot of people.

But how do you prospect a lot of people when the phone weighs a ton?

As a distributor in your home-based business, it can often be difficult at times to prospect day in and day out.  It takes both skills and and discipline.  Sometimes the phone feels like it weighs a ton.  Sometimes we see prospecting as being “painful”.

As humans, we avoid things that are painful.

As humans, we avoid things that we’re not good at.

So how do we turn prospecting into something “fun” that we can become good at?

Here are 3 MLM Lead Prospecting Tips to help you succeed in your network marketing business or business opportunity:

1.  Make an Appointment with You.
Pull out your calendar.  Set out specific times on specific days when you’ll make outbound mlm prospecting calls.  Then keep the appointment with yourself.  Start promptly at the specified time.  Know that the first call is always the hardest and that the rest come more easily.

2.  Schedule a Call Blitz
MLM prospecting is always easier and fun to do when done with someone else.  Find an upline, downline or crossline distributor in your network marketing business to dial with.  You make a call while your partner listens-in.  Then your partner makes a call while you listen-in.

Calling with a partner makes you both accountable for showing up and making dials.  And it helps you both make prospecting calls that may not be made otherwise.

Prospecting with a partner also helps you to improve your skill sets.  You have a built-in coach to encourage you between prospecting calls.

3.  Stop Getting Ready to Get Ready
Don’t allow yourself to avoid the MLM prospecting calls.  Go back to points 1 and 2 above and stick to the plan.  Prepare your schedule well in advance and stick to that schedule.

Map Your Route

If you were taking a trip in your car, one of the first things you would do would be to map the trip route.  That way you know exactly how to get from where you are now, to where you want to be.  You map out the trip route.

And you do the same route mapping with your business.  Do this by starting with the end in mind.

Step 1) Set a revenue goal.
Decide how much money you will earn and when you will earn the money.  (Note the active tense in that statement.)

Step 2) Choose your prospecting methods.
Decide how you’ll prospect.  Ideally you should have a balanced mix of several MLM prospecting methods.  Those methods may include mlm leads and mlm lead lists, classified ads, home parties for example.

Step 3) Decide on your prospecting goals.
Decide how many people you need to talk from each MLM prospecting method in order to sponsor a person.  Then decide how much prospecting you need to perform from each prospecting method.

Step 4) Chart your progress daily.
Charting allows you to keep on track and celebrate your progress.  When you see progress, you feel a sense of accomplishment that can be celebrated.  And celebration is fun.  And fun is what you want your business to become if it’s not already.

Work this MLM prospecting plan for 90 days and the plan will work for you.  The plan will help help you:

A) Talk to more people in less time
B) Develop your prospecting skill sets in less time
C) Improve your conversion rates in your MLM prospecting, which helps you to..
D) Build a larger commission check

This mlm lead prospecting article described 3 MLM Lead Prospecting Tips to help you succeed with your mlm or network marketing business opportunity.

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