This mlm lead prospecting article describes what to expect when dialing mlm leads for prospecting.  How many mlm leads prospects are ready to start today?

In a recent post, I described what telemarketing studies have shown to be true when dialing leads.  In those results I described “3, 7 and 90”.

In dialing 100 leads, there are typically 3 people ready to make a purchase right now.  The key for you will be to go thru the 100 leads quickly to find those 3 people before someone else does.

There are 7 people that are open to buying but they just haven’t gotten around to it.  They key for you will be to help those people get into your sales funnel.  Have them in your email autoresponder account so that they can get your drip emails over time.  That way they’re reminded of you and your business when they’re ready.

100 – 3 – 7 = 90 leads.

Of the 90 leads, there will be 30 leads that when asked will tell you “No, I’m not interested.. that must have been a mistake..”  even though they just filled out a webform expressing an interest.

Another 30 of the 90 will be the “forever maybe’s”.  You’ll constantly chase them around.  They’re interested but will never get around to taking an action.

And finally another 30 have been thinking about doing something.  And if you help them, they’ll enter your sales funnel to learn more.

MLM Lead Call Center Dial Results

I’ve studied the telemarketing results and compared them to our mlm lead Call Center Dial Services where we call your mlm leads for you.  The comparison was interesting as you’ll see..

Our best MLM Lead Call Center Dial result was a 46% “Yes” rate where a “Yes” means that a prospect listened to our MLM Lead Pro Caller as we went thru the client’s phone script.  When asked, the MLM prospect said “Yes” they were interested in learning more about the business.

That’s 46% as the best campaign.

Now compare that to the results of the 3, 7 and 90 telemarketing study.

3 prospects were looking now.  7 prospects were open to buying now but hadn’t gotten around to it.  And 30 prospects have been thinking about it.. and if you help them, they’ll enter your sales funnel.  That’s a total of 40% “interest” rate compared to our best ever 46% “Yes” rate.

Now it all makes sense.

What About Your Campaign?

Can you expect to get 46%.. or even 40% of your leads list to be interested in your business.

I don’t think so. I think that some businesses are more appealing to prospects than others.  I think that some phone scripts are better crafted than others.

The Bottom-Line

The bottom-line for me is that there are 3 people looking to join your business right now.  Either they’ll join your business, or they’ll join someone else’s business.  It’s up to you.

Pick up a mlm lead list and start marketing your business.  Or have us dial your leads for you using the MLM Lead Call Center Dial Service.  Burn thru those numbers and find the 3 mlm lead prospects that are absolutely looking to make a purchase now.  Get the three started and have your advertising costs paid for.

That’s how you make the big money.

This article described mlm lead prospecting and what to expect when dialing mlm leads for prospecting.  Pickup a list of mlm leads and find those 3 people that are wanting to join your mlm business now.

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