This describes mlm lead capture pages and 2 resources for great looking graphics.

In my last newsletter, I talked about ways to improve your lead capture page conversion. Part of what makes a lead capture page good is its visual appeal to the prospect.

In today’s newsletter, I want to provide you a couple of resources that I use to create great looking graphics for my online marketing. You can use these same tools for your business as well.

MyAutoPilot Traffic


This site allows you to browse thousands and thousands of stock photos and purchase them for use in your marketing. To find an image, just type in a keyword or phrase and start reviewing images. Once you find one you like, you purchase and download it from their site. The images are available in various resolutions. Download the right resolution for your marketing needs (I always download their highest resolution image).

This site is great for finding images that can be used as lead capture page background images. It’s also great for finding models to use in your marketing ads. That’s how we found our spokeswoman at right!


When you need a quick and easy way to make an animated graphic like the one at right, try the website Using the site, you can upload various images to their their site, arrange them in the order you desire; then have the site create an animated .GIF image. You can also produce a video animation from the uploaded images as well.

We used to produce the animated banner image at right. What I like most about this web tool is that it allows you to vary the speed at which the image changes. You can set the image to continuously loop, or to repeat a certain number of times.

The animation maker accepts a variety of image file types. And since it is web-based, there is no software to purchase. The site works on all computers and web browsers.

Well that’s it for today’s marketing tips. If you’re ever in need of great graphics for your marketing, then these 2 resources will become invaluable for you.

By the way, you can find this affiliate banner and others in your member’s account.

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