This describes mlm lead generation, mlm lead prospecting, and mlm mobile apps. There are 10 billion reasons why your mlm marketing may very well fail in 2014.

Yesterday, Apple Inc. reported that it sold more than $10 billion worth of applelogoapps through its App Store last year. After taking its 30% cut, Apple appeared to have generated more than $3 billion in revenue solely from app sales. As you know, most of those sales are for their iOS mobile platform.

Now if the number “10 billion” isn’t big enough, try to imagine just how many mobile apps were actually downloaded to generate those $10 billion in app sales. Now, add in all the free apps that were downloaded that were never monetized in the app store. The number of iOS mobile apps downloaded last year was staggering! I’m guessing the total is in the billions of app downloads last year.

And that count is only iOS apps. It doesn’t reflect the number of downloaded Google Android apps!!

So, what do all these app downloads have to do with your mlm or network marketing business?

Well, I think it’s relevant to your business because it tells you that..

  1. The mobile market is big
  2. People are spending mucho tiempo (a lot of time) on their mobile devices, and
  3. They’re spending a lot of that time interacting with those mobile apps

The mobile market is huge. Google recognized its potential. That’s why they created a free smartphone operating system called Android, then they made that operating system free so anyone could use it. They figure that the more smartphones that run their Android operating system, the more smartphones they’ll have access to… and the more people they’ll have in their direct “network” that they can then market to. (Think Microsoft and the Internet Explorer browser. They installed the browser on all Windows-based PCs. The more people that used the Internet Explorer browser, the more people that Microsoft had in their “network” to directly market to.)

How much are mobile devices used in our every day life?

Reports say that about 35% of all Internet traffic originates from smartphones. Many of these people don’t even use computers to access the Internet. They just use their mobile devices.

I’ve heard reports that 97% of the population have their smartphone within arms reach 24 hours a day.  That’s significant.

As I write this blog post, I’m checking Facebook to see how many of my friends are accessing their Facebook account via a web broswer VS. a mobile device. As of this writing, the split is 60/40 in favor of mobile access.

Ok, mobile marketing.. So what? Who cares, right?

Actually, mobile marketing is a big deal and it affects your mlm business.  More and more people are moving away from desktop computers in favor of mobile devices.  Hence, if your 2014 mlm marketing isn’t mobile-minded, you stand to lose out.

How can your business suffer?

Well for illustration, let’s take one example: mlm lead generation.

As you know, many mlm distributors like to generate their own mlm leads by driving web traffic to their mlm lead capture pages. Some use paid targeted web traffic ( to generate mlm leads. Others use free traffic (bugging friends and family on Facebook).  While generating mlm leads by driving traffic works well on desktop web browsers, it doesn’t work so well on mobile devices.


Because 9 out of 10 mlm lead capture pages that I’ve viewed are not mobile optimized to be viewed by prospects on their mobile devices.  So if mlm lead prospects can’t properly view your mlm lead capture page, they’ll most likely navigate away.  When that happens, no leads are generated. The distributor will have wasted a ton of time and energy with nothing to show for it.

Making lead capture pages mobile friendly is just one example. But what about your company replicated website? Knowing that 3 out of 10 people (and the count is increasing daily) are using their mobile device to get on the Internet, is your company replicated site optimized for mobile viewing?

I’m finding that most company websites are not mobile friendly. (Nor is for that matter. That’s why we’re in the middle of a website redesign.) A quick review of, and proves my point.

While these top 3 direct sales companies don’t have mobile friendly sites, they are however providing distributors with mobile apps.  Some of those apps are built by the parent company. Others are being built by individual distributors. (What?.. make everyone on your team hire a programmer to build their own personal branded mobile app? How duplicatable is that?) Unfortunately most of their mobile apps aren’t a direct replacement for their replicated website since they’re intended for distributor use; not prospects.

As you set out your 2014 business goals, put mobile marketing at the forefront. Mobile marketing is here to stay. It’s only a question of whether you’ll implement it into your market plan. Or get left behind, sitting all alone with the desktop computer.

This article described mlm lead generation, mlm lead prospecting, mlm mobile apps. Now you know the 10 billion reasons why your mlm marketing may very well fail in 2014 unless you take action.