Want to know the #1 secret to being more likable to your prospects and sales team?

The #1 secret is listening.

Pretty simple stuff I realize. But listening can become a game-changer for your business nonetheless.

Why is listening so important?

People love to talk about themselves. So when you listen their talking about themselves, they get a good feeling about you.

According to Jonah Berger in his book “Contagious“, when people talk about themselves and share their opinions, it activates the same brain circuits as rewards – rewards like food or money.

So when someone is speaking to you, he or she has all these feel-good chemicals in their brain, and is associating those good feelings with your interaction with them. So even though all you’re doing is sitting there listening, that person walks away with a good vibe towards you.

So what’s the take-away in today’s tip?

1. Stop talking about yourself , your business or your company.

2. As others questions about themselves.

These 2 actions will help you become more likable with those that you encounter in your business.

And as we know, the more that people like you, the more apt they are to do business with you.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,