What is the SECRET to converting MLM leads into MLM Distributors? Read this post and you will know the answer.

The main focus of all lead capture websites and online marketing systems are to turn a turn prospects into a qualified prospect and eventually into successful network marketing business owners.

And the only way to do that is to create Trust as fast as your can with your prospects, by answering all their unspoken questions about you, your product, your system and your company.

And the way all the BIG HITTERS do that is by implementing personalized streaming media (video or audio) on their marketing websites.

By implementing streaming web video and web audio on your websites, blogs and emails allows your visitors to ‘connect’ with YOU, they’re potentially doing business with. For many, that trust factor has increased websites sales conversions 10 to 12-fold

By using DeskPing as your streaming media hosting service you can upload your video or audio files seamlessly into your site. Your media files are passed onto DeskPing where we encode, host and stream them for you (saving you thousands of dollars in licensing fees, and hosting fees). Then the video or audio files are automatically posted to your website for playback.

Now you know the #1 inside secret to how the biggest leaders in your business built their business. At first they used Videos, then DVDs and now Streaming media on their sites.

In closing if you are new to MLM Leads and our sister company DeskPing, let me share a little more about what we have to offer.

We provide turnkey solutions for individual distributors and Industry leaders alike. Along with the streaming web video and audio hosting and publishing services, DeskPing provides direct to desktop marketing services, reservationless conference call hosting and recording, sizzle line hosting and voice messaging.

MLMLeads offers several customized lead packages from company specific leads to the best real-time phone surveyed leads in the business. We also offer some of the most responsive email Autoresponder leads found anywhere.

Take time today to give Enrique a call and talk to him about how we can serve you and your team.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly