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"I want to give you props for the training call the other day.  I had a few of my people on & had good feedback...  A young man from Utah that was sitting on the fence with me has decided to come aboard after the call.  Having never made a call before, he was amazed at how easy you made it to make contact with the ease of your script... I'll be looking forward to the upcoming calls and will continue to purchase leads from you and will refer my associates to you also..."  John Sauer, Xango Rep

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Call Schedule

" I just wanted to tell you that was an awesome call! I'm pumped up and ready to get on the phone..."
Nate, Arkansas

"Enrique, that was fabulous call... it's always so amazing that one turn of phrase can make a difference I really like the way you go into the prospecting call. And what a great response to the husband or wife who asks 'What's this about?' Terrific!

"So far, I've only bought one round of 25 leads from you... It is so amazing to actually have a real person associated with the leads program. I know I'll be recommending you to my downline!" Terry Moran

"I listened to the training call... it was totally awesome and inspirational. I'll be contacting my group...

"This is awesome; great prices and live training calls that train your team for you and also motivates them and keeps everyone on the same page. Everything is about duplication and this is what you are offering here. Thanks!"  Pat Ginter, Canada

"Hi Enrique... I have been "looking" for some way to make a little money in MLM for about 45 years, and never have I run across a businessman as sincere and helpful as you.  I didn't think such a person existed.  Almost makes me need a kleenex. 

"Thank you very much for your help. I am going to read all your newsletters and follow your suggestions, and maybe this time, something good will happen to me for the first time."  Ted Oba, Vemma Distributor

Mike Boggs buys 25 leads... makes contact with 10... immediately disqualifies 7 and then goes on to sponsor 3 into his business....

Matt Ward makes contact with 27 from his list of 50 leads... all 27 are interested in seeing his "plan"... 3 enroll in Matt's business...

What are Mike and Matt doing and saying to achieve such great results with these leads?

What's keeping YOU from having the same success as these two Pros?

Boost your sponsoring activity 300% or more in the next 30 days by dialing into our next training call to learn how the Pros work their leads. Click here to log into your account to view this week's call schedule now.

This "Member's Only" call is interactive and lasts an hour.  Lines are limited so call in early.  In anticipation of the call, please review the telephone prospecting script in your Member's backoffice.

Whether you're new to the MLM industry or a seasoned pro, we're here to help you and your organization achieve the level of success you've been looking for. 

Make it a prosperous day!

Enrique Garibay
Tel 785-539-6904

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PSS. Are you using a telephone script when you phone your prospects? If not, use mine. Click here for the script.

PSSS. If you knew what these guys new, your life would be much different right now.  Dial into the next call and learn how you can transform your business and your personal life.



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