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In today's issue:

1) Quotables.
2) Voice Broadcasting: Calls Are Pouring In.
3) Volume Pricing Now Available!
4) Need a New Downline?
5) Can You See Thru Joe Jones' Eyes?

1) Quotables.

"I take nothing for granted. I now have only
good days, or great days." --  Lance Armstrong

"The faster you go, the more chance there is of stubbing your toe, but the
more changes you have of getting somewhere." --  Charles Kettering

2) Voice Broadcasting: Calls Are Pouring In.

I've been doing some voice broadcasting the past few weeks for one of my favorite customers named "CJ".  Using the autodialer service I wrote about previously, we've achieved some pretty interesting results with nearly 8 out of 10 calls delivered to a live person or to an answering machine. And when the call was delivered to a live person, nearly 20% of those listeners pressed the 9 key to learn more about CJ's home-based opportunity.

Having such a high delivery rate certainly made CJ's job easier when it came to adding new people into his organization. Not only did it save him time by placing 500 calls in 10 minutes, but it also made the serious prospects chase him down to learn more about his opportunity. 

Wondering whether Voice Broadcasting can work for you and your organization? Call me today at 785.539.6904 for a free consultation or simply CLICK HERE to learn more.

3) Volume Pricing Now Available!

This has been an extremely busy week around the office. Just two days ago, I cut a "major" deal with an Internet advertising network that allows me to send you volume leads delivered fresh daily at a super low price.

If you're a person whose organization can pull down a large volume of fresh daily leads, then we need to talk. Call me at 785.539.6904 or simply use the Contact Us form to provide me your contact information and I'll phone you back right away.

4) Need a New Downline?

Every week or so, I get a call from a new customer asking...

"My downline can't afford to buy leads and I can't afford to
continue buying leads for them. What can I do?"

It seems that the older I get, the more brutally honest I become and that's why I answer:

"Get a new downline!"

You have to remember that you're the owner of your enterprise.  So that means that you are the one that decides who should and should not be sponsored into your business.  You are the one responsible for finding which prospects are committed to growing their business through hard work versus those that are looking for a "something for nothing" deal ... those that are expecting the business to grow by itself without their time and financial investment.

So the next time you are interviewing new prospects, look for prospects that are willing to do whatever it takes to become successful in their venture.  Anytime you bring those individuals into your organization, they'll find others like themselves and bring them into your business as well.

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5) Can You See Thru Joe Jones' Eyes?

I had some drive time last weekend so I popped a Brian Tracy audio into the CD changer to further my education.  During the audio, Tracy described what it takes to have a successful sales process.  He summarized the sales process as follows:

"If you can see Joe Jones thru Joe Jones' eyes,
you can sell Joe Jones what Joe Jones buys!"

Did you catch the meaning of that?

If not, take a moment to re-read it as I think it's a statement that many networkers fail to recognize during the recruiting and retail selling process.

"If you can see Joe Jones thru Joe Jones' eyes,
you can sell Joe Jones what Joe Jones buys!"

What that statement means to you is that in order for you to become a master recruiter for your business, you must first become a master problem-solver for your prospect.

Ask yourself...

"What problem is the prospect trying to solve with a home-based business?  Why would the prospect consider purchasing products from me?  What is the prospect trying to accomplish for herself?"

Ask questions.

Then listen.

Find out what your prospect's needs are then describe to your prospect how your business and or products can help them achieve both the results and benefits they're looking for.

" There is no substitute for hard work." -- Thomas Edison

Well that's it for this week's newsletter. Stay tuned for more MLM training and sponsoring tips in our next newsletter.

Please  make it a prosperous day!

Enrique Garibay
Tel 785.539.6904


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