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MLM Leads Training - How to Make More Money in MLM in Next 90 Days

 Hello and welcome to today's FREE MLM Leads Training Tips Newsletter.

In today's issue:

* Quotables.
* Learn How You Can Make More Money In The Next 90 Days.
* Thanks For The Feedback Jay!
* How To Increase Your Commission Checks 300%... Overnight!
* Training & Development Call Scheduled

>> Quotables.

"Common sense isn't nearly as common as it used to be."
-- Nido Quebein

"It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."
--  J.K. Rowling, Children's Book Author

"Enthusiasm spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment."
-- Norman Vincent Peale, Author

"Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing."
-- Theodore Roosevelt, 26th US President

"The person who makes a success of living is the one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. That is dedication."
-- Cecil B. Demille, American Movie Producer


>> Learn How You Could Make More Money In the Next 90 Days.

The Fall season is nearly upon us, and if I know anything about recruiting new distributors into business, that means something to you.

May I help you make more money in the next 90 days by sponsoring a whole new group of network marketing distributors?

Right here and now in your grasp...

Is a way you can begin to create a whole new sales organization for your business. A way You can sift and sort through more people in less time to find the people that are right for your business. I'm talking about people that are tired of living the way they've been living and are ready to do something about it.

I'm talking about people who are fired up about life and are looking for a way to make a change. They're willing to do whatever it takes to succeed... people that you'll have to run to keep up with when they jump into your business!

All these people - more than anytime time before - are here waiting for someone like You to show them how to get out of their quiet despair.

Someone like You that can help them dust off their dreams and start living again.

Someone like You that can lead them to a better way of life using your business opportunity as the vehicle.

Massive Action Yields Massive Results

How many new distributors would you like to add into your organization over the next 90 days? Whatever your goals are, I'm here to help you...

  1. Start Talking to More People! Surveyed MLM Lead Blowout Continues.

    Recently I amazed readers when I announced a 33% bonus mlm leads offer with any order of Surveyed MLM Leads. The feedback I received from the field regarding new distributor signup rates was so strong that I decided to extend the bonus mlm leads offer. Now is your chance to help more people start their own home-based business! Plant your "business seeds" today for the upcoming Fall harvest!

    Order Surveyed MLM Leads today!!

    You'll be amazed at just how responsive these prospects are! Here's what Matt Ward experienced with his batch of leads:

    Now is the time to begin your Fall recruiting and what better way to start than to receive 33% more Bonus mlm leads that actually work! Click here to learn more.

    And to help you quickly move through your prospects and find those that are ready to make a change RIGHT NOW, I've made the following education available to you...

  2. Prospect Like a PRO! Training & Development Calls Scheduled.

    What's keeping you from having the same success as the top producers in your company? Why are they sponsoring more people than you? Why are network marketing prospects attracted to them more so than to you?

    I know how important it is to quickly and effectively sift and sort through prospects. That's why I've put together several Training & Development Calls that will assist you in working through your list of prospects to find those people that are ready to make a change in their lives... right now.

This Is Our Biggest MLM Leads Offer... Ever!
"33% More Bonus Surveyed MLM Leads"

To get what you want out of life, you must first help others get what they want. And I have the perfect people for you! Click here to get started today!

Offer ends Midnight, August 17, 2005.


>> Thanks For the Feedback Jay! <<

"Dear Enrique... I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent with me sharing your success in life and in mlm... the words of wisdom you shared about how important it is to be properly trained... and that dedication to working on your technique when calling prospects, as well as role playing with a coach is vital to being a success in this industry.

"You also inspired me to never give up your dreams and goals in life.

"I took your words of wisdom and I got busy and in just 2 months in a business I had no prior experience in whatsoever, I have amassed an amazing 109 new reps and replaced a fulltime income which took 23 years to make.

"Thanks again for all your encouragement and advice. If I can do this, anyone with the desire to succeed can!." 
Jay Nickisher


>> How To Increase Your Commission Checks 300%... Overnight! <<

If you could increase next month's commission check 300%, how much would that check be?

Now... If I told you that you that the amount was obtainable, would you like to learn a tip that could help you achieve it?

I thought you would!

They say that to achieve greatness, you must do the things that make people great. You must study successful people and understand what makes them successful. And then you must emulate their actions to create your own success.

That's what I did.

Early in my networking career, I was fortunate to have a "exceptional" mentor that taught me that if things were to change, then I had to change. If things were to improve in my life and in my business, then I had to change. I took these lessons to heart and began to study successful people to learn what made them so successful. And when it came to my mentor, I studied real hard to figure out what made him so darn "good" when it came to telephone prospecting.

I learned that although my mentor came from a very simple background with only a high school education, he was extremely effective when it came to telephone prospecting. Not only did he focus the conversation on the prospect, but he also told stories of product or business success. But it wasn't so much what he said that mattered...

It Was More About How He Said It!

I found that his voice was always very clear and his stories compelling. It was almost as if you were "living" the story he was telling. You were experiencing it.

My mentor knew just how bad I wanted success and he easily convinced me to spend several thousands of dollars and travel across the country to spend a day training with Eli Simon - his Speech Coach! And that's when I learned how to become a more effective telephone prospector!

When I began working with Eli, I learned that I was receiving the same coaching that Eli had provided to CEO's of successful corporations from all around the world.

My Sponsoring Rate Jumped 300%

The training was intense and I had to check my ego at the door. Once the skills were learned and the weekend was over, I traveled home to put my training to the test. I picked up my leads list and resumed my telephone prospecting. And that's when I discovered how much my telephone skills had improved. Tracking my results I discovered that my sponsoring rate jumped 300%... literally overnight!

The Training Cost Me Thousands of Dollars.
It's Yours... FREE!

If I could summarize the main speech points that I learned, they would be:

  • Preparation
  • Relaxation
  • Energy
  • Action
  • Look/Listen

While the content of the entire coaching session is too much to provide you in one newsletter, today I'll provide you the techniques that I use to prepare for my prospecting calls.

Articulation Exercises: The Fast Track to Improving Your Speech

I'm going to give you the following exercises that you should practice every day to improve your speech skills. Getting your "articulators" - the tongue, lips and face - to move will help you to be clearly understood when you speak. Repeat the following phrases over and over for 10 minutes before you begin your telephone prospecting session:

Log into your Member's Account Training Vault now to hear and download this Audio Report.

Are you new to

Click here to get started or simply call 785-539-6904 to order by phone.

Get Rid of The Stress: Shaking and Stretching

Shaking and stretching is a wonderful way to reduce physical and psychological tension prior to your prospecting calls. Find an empty room where you won't disturb the family. Try to breather deeply and really vocalize while you...

  1. Shake out your hands. Blow through your lips like a horse...
  2. Shake shoulders. Bounce on your toes and say:
  3. Shake a leg and with a low voice say:
  4. Shake the other leg and with a high voice say:
  5. Shake out your jaw while at the same time you clasp your hands and shake them together saying:
  6. Jump and shake/flap your around freely as you say:
  7. Stretch in all direction while you "hum and chew"
  8. Bend down to touch your toes. Breathe deeply and sigh.

Spice It Up With "Cutbacks" and "Pauses"

I guarantee that this last tip will make your phone prospecting more effective. It's what is called "The Cutback & Pause". Here is how they work...

Cutbacks: used to "cutback" your energy in order to accentuate the next point your are going to make.

Pauses: used directly before a cutback in energy. Be sure to pause long enough and often enough to allow your listeners a chance to absorb your words and ideas.

Here is an exercise that you can use to practice your cutbacks and pauses. When reciting the phrase, pause to emphasize a different word in the sentence each time you repeat the sentence. When you do, the meaning of the sentence will change slightly:

Log into your Member's Account Training Vault now to hear and download this Audio Report.

Are you new to

Click here to get started or simply call 785-539-6904 to order by phone.

The information I've just provided you is the same information provided to CEO's from all around the world. They use this training to more effectively communicate with their organization, with their stockholders and with other companies that they'll do business with.

Don't Take This $3,000.00 Gift Lightly

Use this education to improve your skills. When you do, you'll find that prospects are more attracted to you and will want to do business with you. Your sponsorship conversion rates will increase and your organization will begin to emulate what you do so that they can too become successful. In short, your business will flourish and you'll help a lot of people get what they want out of life... while you get what you want at the same time.

Success isn't by chance. It comes to those that work hard on themselves. Work on your prospecting skills and success will happen to you.


Well that's it for this today'smlm leads newsletter.  Keep your attitude at altitude and I'll see you at the top!

Make it a prosperous day!

Enrique Garibay
Tel 785-539-6904
enrique garibay of mlm leads

PS. Get more mlm lead training tips at our mlm leads blog.


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