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Tip For Summer Recruiting.

* Learn How Often You Should Email Your Prospects.

>> Quotables. <<

“ Do not ask 'What am I earning', for that is  NOT the real question. The question  is 'What am I becoming?'" --  Jim Rohn

People do not become millionaires by earning a million dollars.  They earn a million dollars because they have first "become" a millionaire in their own mind!

What you think about comes about!

>> How To Recruit A Ton of Distributors This Summer. <<

"The harvest is reserved for the planters."

This is the time of the year that many if not most tend to let up on  their business. They have "bought into the idea" that summer time is slow so "why bother" working when everyone else is playing.

Here is "why bother". First, since many people do slack off in the summer, you have far less competition for your prospects attention.

Secondly, if you want a nice harvest in the fall when people tend to get more serious about life, you've got to plant seeds the months before the harvest time.

You can't wake up in September and partake in the harvest if you have not planted all summer. What you do today shows up tomorrow, what you do this week, shows up next week and what you do for the next 3 months will show up the following three months.

The Networking industry has "seasons" as does many other industries and the summer is an IMPORTANT season. It's the planting season!

If you want exceptional results in your business, you must become an exceptional person who has exceptional work habits. The masses in our industry "play" this time of year. Set yourself apart from the masses and plant, plant plant. You'll be ahead of the crowd come September!

Many serious and successful networkers beef up their advertising/reaching out budget in the summer for this very reason. They understand that it might take a few more calls to reach people during the summer. It's not a bad idea to buy more leads during the months of June, July and August so you can reap the benefits of your "summer planting season" come  September!

Remember, those who are willing to do things TODAY that most people won't will be able to have "tomorrow" what most people can't.

>> Tip for Summer Recruiting. <<

More patience  is required this time of year when calling your prospects.

People are outside more, kids are out of school, vacations are taken and people in general just tend to be a bit less serious about life from June-Aug.  Yes, it just might take some more phone calls to be able to reach x amount of people per day, per week, per month. I always suggest that serious people buy extra leads, beef up their budgets a bit in the summer so they can keep the same momentum during the summer months as they do the rest of the year. 

You'll be glad you did come September!  Yes, it might take a bit more effort to connect with people but.........YOU will be  one of the FEW even trying so you  will get the lions share of the attention from those you do connect with! :)

>> Learn How Often You Should Email Your Prospects. <<

Prospecting for new business can be tricky since this is the prospect's first exposure to you, so you want to be careful not to overstep your permission-level with the reader.

I always recommend emailing your prospects with the following frequency:

Day 0
Day 3
Day 7
Day 12
Day 17
Day 23
Day 27
Day 31

That would be about 8 mailings to your reader over the first month.

Write the reader more often and you will appear "needy" or "desperate". Write even more often and you'll become a pest to your reader. They will complain and remove themselves from future mailings.

You can also create an extended email campaign to drip back onto the prospect.  If you do, I would suggest that you consider changing the slant from "are you looking for a biz..." to something like "I know you said you were looking for a biz, so here are some helpful tips in finding a biz..." then tell them a tidbit about your biz. 

Once the initial month has passed, consider mailing once to three times a month thereafter.  Try that with your leads and tell me how it works out for you.

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Well that's it for this week.  Until next week... Until next time, remember that the harvest is reserved for those who plant, period.

Have a prosperous day! :-)

Enrique Garibay
Tel 785-539-6904

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