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"Talking to prospects that are actually interested in my home-based business. WOW. That's a concept I can make money with!" -- L. Hahn



MLM Leads Prospecting - How To Control the MLM Leads Prospecting Call

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* Quotables.
* How To Become An Eagle.
MLM Humor - Gotta Have Some Fun!

* MLM Leads Prospecting: Learn How To Control The Recruiting Conversation.
* Facts Tell -- Stories Sell.

>> Quotables. <<

“Being defeated is often a temporary condition.  Giving up is what makes it permanent.” -- Marilyn vos Savant

Leaders must become focused on achieving their goals and help their organization do the same.  Here are some tips to help your organization persevere to reach their goals:

  • Good a good rapport with your team from the start
  • Provide your team with praise and honest appreciation
  • Quietly and respectfully call attention to areas that need improvement
  • Provide your team reassurance
  • Become an example that others try and live up to

>> How To Become An Eagle. <<

There once was a chicken on a farm. It was in the barn one day and noticed a fallen large egg. The chicken decided it must be her own egg and sat on the large egg until it hatched.

Out of the egg came an Eagle. While the chicken noted the difference in the "babies" appearance, it loved the Eagle all the same. The chicken raised the Eagle the same as it had raised its other children... as a "chicken".

The Eagle eventually noted some differences between it's own appearance and its mother's appearance, but it loved its Mommy, the chicken all the same.

As a little boy, the Eagle LOVED to look up in the sky and dream of being able to fly like the beautiful birds (eagles) he observed.  He just KNEW that one day he too would fly like the Eagles.

His Mommy, the chicken continued to tell him consistently that he was a chicken and chickens do not fly.

As the years went on, the Eagle attempted to fly a few times but alas, he fell fast to the ground because after all, he was indeed a chicken just as his Mother had told him.

The Eagle grew old and eventually died with his dream of flying like an Eagle still inside of him... never to be realized.

The sad thing is, he WAS an EAGLE, BORN TO FLY. He just got told so many times that would never fly, that he finally believed it and quit trying. ;(

We are ALL Eagles. What have you been led to believe about yourself?

Don't grow old and die with YOUR dreams still inside of you.

Soar like the Eagles... It's your birth right!

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>> MLM Humor - Gotta Have Some Fun! <<

There was an MLM 'er who died and went to Heaven.

St. Peter gave him his choice of residing forever in Heaven or hell. The MLM'er asked if he could visit both places before deciding.

Heaven was very peaceful, beautiful and serene, just as he had imagined.

When he visited hell however, he was quite surprised. He saw people laughing, dancing, talking, playing fun loud music. The room was very bright and cheery. All the people appeared to be quite wealthy driving nice cars, wearing nice clothes, and they were so very friendly and upbeat!

He told St. Peter that while Heaven was great, he had been quite the partier on earth and he felt that hell was a better fit for him. St. Peter granted his wish and they went to do the final paperwork.

When they were finished, he walked back to open the gates of hell and could NOT believe what he saw. It was dark, people were hot, sweating, shoveling coal, sad faces, no music, no laughter, drab clothing, etc. He went up to the guy who appeared to be their "leader" and said "Hey, what gives? I was JUST here about 10 minutes ago and this place was alive and happening! What's the deal?

The leader said: "Oh, you must have caught us during our opportunity meeting". ;-)

>> Learn How To Control The MLM Leads Recruiting Conversation. <<

When you are making calls to your mlm leads, remember that the  person in control of the conversation IS NOT THE PERSON TALKING!  It's the person ASKING the questions. Want to take and keep control?  ASK, ASK, ASK questions and then LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN to their  answer.   If they should ask you a question, do your BEST to answer  it with a question of your own to take back the control ;)

>> MLM Leads Prospecting: Facts Tell -- Stories Sell. <<

Facts tell, stories sell. Next time you are getting ready to answer a prospects question about ingredients, or compensation plan  details, RESIST the urge to delve into facts.  Rather, begin telling  stories ABOUT peoples results ON the products, and about peoples  results IN the business.   Remember to K-I-S-S. (Keep it simply simple)

Well, that's all the tips for today. We hope they work out for you.   Let us know when we can help you out with leads for you and your organization.

Well that's it for this week.  Until next week... Remember to gather as many STORIES as you can  about your products and success results in the business and tell those stories instead of the facts.

Have a prosperous day! :-)

Enrique Garibay
Tel 785-539-6904

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