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* Quotables.
* Learn The Key Ingredient To Achieving Your Goals.
What Can You Do Today?

* Learn How To Get Prospects To Call You Back - Part 2.


>> Quotables. <<

“ Most of us have far more courage than we ever dreamed we possessed.”
Dale Carnegie

Become a leader for your organization even if it's a small one.  In doing so, try these tips to build your self-confidence:

  • Immerse yourself in a supportive environment
  • Look yourself in the mirror and become determined to succeed
  • Be open to constructive criticism for improvement
  • Set achievable goals for yourself

>> Learn The Key Ingredient To Achieving Your Goals. <<

Goals never become dynamic until they are specific.

If you have not written down your specific goals, it's time to ask... why not?

If every successful person concurs that written goals are a key component in the achievement of them, is it really wise to argue with it even if you don't believe it?

Here's a thought to ponder... how far have your opinions taken you to date? If you are not happy with the answer, perhaps it's time to re-think the whole "goal" subject and join the successful crowd and WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS.

Go ahead, grab a pencil and have at it! ;)

PS Goals should be written in sand, not in cement, but they SHOULD be written.


>> What Can You Do Today? <<

Question: If you eat today, even if you get VERY full, do you still need to eat tomorrow?

If you take a long, hot shower today, how long would that shower "last" you?  Would it be wise to take another shower tomorrow?

If you sleep deeply tonight, will that one night of deep sleep allow you to miss sleeping for another week or longer?

I think you get the point.

Success in Network Marketing is based on consistency. So is failure. 

If you purchase leads today and work them consistently each day, each week, then purchase more leads next month and work them again each day, each week etc... that consistency of effort will have a compounded effect over a period of time and
your result will be massive success!

Likewise, if you do nothing today, do nothing each week, and do the same next month, that consistency of non-effort will also have a compounded effect over a period of time and that result will be failure.

It's not what we do in any given month or year that counts, it's what we do each day . Little disciplines each day equal success. Little errors in judgment each day equal failure.  

Which do you choose?

Remember, consistency rules.


>> Learn How To Get Prospects To Call You Back - Part 2. <<

Per our newsletter last week, we promised to give you another voice mail message you could leave since many of your calls will be  picked up by answering machines.

Here is a unique message to leave:

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Do not get discouraged if not everyone returns your call. You are not seeking everyone! You ARE seeking the right ones and the right ones will call you back ;)

Well, that's all the tips for today. We hope they work out for you.   Let us know when we can help you out with leads for you and your organization.

Until next week... Remember consistency rules!

Have a prosperous day! :-)

Enrique Garibay

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