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"Enrique... You have treated me especially wonderful when it comes to your leads. I would like to add that you are one of the most professional people I have ever dealt with and I truly appreciate that.. Thanks again!" 
Kelly Brastrup, Xango Independent Rep


How fresh are my leads?
Your leads will typically be 24 to 48 hours in age when provided to you. The exception to this are the real-time leads which are provided to you as they're created.

How were the leads generated?
Each one of your leads has visited our web page and filled out a web form requesting information on how to earn income working from home. The leads are never incentivized in a "sweepstakes" manner. Instead, these are individuals that are trying to find a better way of life.

Do these prospects know about MLM or Network Marketing?
My experience that most have never heard of the names. What they do know is that something is missing in their life and they're looking for a way to create a better life. That's where you come into the picture.

Are the mlm leads exclusive to me?
Each lead is only ever sold twice max, that's all. And if it is resold, it won't be to someone else promoting the same business opportunity as you.

Are the mlm leads mine?
Each lead is provided on a rental basis. You're free to market to each lead for as often as you like but you are not authorized to resell or provide the lead to any 3rd party. Once the lead has asked to be removed from future marketing, please be courteous and remove the lead from future marketing.

When will my leads be delivered?
Lead orders are typically filled in 24 to 48 hours of ordering - slightly longer for orders placed over the weekend.

Do I earn commissions on mlm leads sales?
We currently do not provide affiliate commissions on lead sales.

Is there a setup fee to get started?
Not a chance. While other companies see setup and membership fees as a great way to put your money in their pockets, that's not the case with us. We keep our operating costs low and pass the savings onto you. Lets face it, if you're successful using our leads, you'll buy more leads. It's that simple. What do you think?

How many leads can I purchase?
We understand that it takes a continuous flow of qualified prospects to grow your business. As such, there is no limit to the number of leads you can purchase monthly. Running a time-sensitive promotion? Pickup a fresh bunch of leads to kick start your promotion in the right direction.

How do I purchase the leads?
CLICK HERE NOW to place your order. Order as many leads as you like Order as often as you like as well.

Do you provide leads on an auto-ship basis?
Yes we do. We'll even add an additional 5% more leads each month beginning your 2nd month when you purchase via our auto-ship program.

Where are the leads geographically?
All leads are from the United States unless you're ordering local leads. Local leads are specified by one or more telephone area codes in the USA.

What is the format of the lead files?
All leads are delivered to you in comma delimited text file format for your convenience.

Do you replace undeliverable email address?
We always provide you more leads than you purchased to accommodate any bad email addresses you may encounter.


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