AlexZ's My247Cash Sales Funnel for Digital Altitude

Are you promoting the Digital Altitude business?

If so, this is your one chance to get the same exact sales funnel used by Digital Altitude's Top 5 Money Earner - Alex Zubarev!

Introducing AlexZ's - the premier lead capture page system for your Digital Altitude business. Click here for a video overview.

Your account includes:

  • (1) Pre-built high-converting lead capture page
  • (7) Pre-built follow-up video sales letters
  • (8) Pre-written follow-up emails to opt-in leads **
  • (10) Pre-written follow-up emails to trial users **
  • Contact manager
  • Calendar reminder
  • Stats tracking
  • Adcode Tracking
  • Integration with PTSender or Aweber email autoresponder

"In all of my 23 years of online lead generation and marketing, I've never seen a sales funnel more complete than this!" - Enrique Garibay,

With more than 100,000 clicks of live traffic directed to these pages, Alex has tested and proven that these pages work. We're confident they'll work for you too.

Lead Capture Page

Video Sales Letter #1

Video Sales Letter #2

Video Sales Letter #3

Video Sales Letter #4

Video Sales Letter #5

Video Sales Letter #6

Video Sales Letter #7

All pages are mobile optimized and coded to your Digital Altitude trial signup page. Each has a delayed timer before the call-to-action button appears. Exit popup notifications are coded into the pages as well.

Note #1: Select Your Username. Your account username is used as the subdomain in your lead capture page URL. Let's say your username is "bob", then your lead capture and presentation video sales letters are then hosted at the URL So create your account username accordingly when ordering the service.

Note #2: Select Your Email Autoresponder. Once you create your My247Cash account, you will integrate with either or as your email autoresponder for your drip email marketing.

** Select PTSender to receive Alex Zubarev's personal drip email campaigns integrated to your lead capture page opt-ins, and trial signups. integration instructions are available here.

Or select Aweber integration if you choose to use your personal drip email campaign integrated with your lead capture page.

Stop wasting time and money on sales funnels that don't convert. Use AlexZ's My247Cash Sales Funnel.. It's Proven. Easy to Use. And 100% Duplicatable!

All accounts are on a monthly recurring order. You may manage your recurring order by logging into your Member's account, then navigate to "Autoship". All accounts are hosted at Once you've created your order, use the same login credentials at as used at

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