This describes the top countries for MLM. Globally the MLM industry grew by 5.4% last year; and nearly 14% since 2010. Learn what countries had the most mlm sales in 2012.

The nearly 14% growth in mlm sales since 2010 is promising when you consider that we were in a global recession during that time.  But what’s really encouraging to see is that 44% of all global sales in MLM came from merging markets around the world.  These include countries like China, Malaysia, Columbia, Thailand, Russia and India.

Results from a WFDSA Survey 2013 show the top 23 countries for retail sales (in $Billions) for the year 2012 as follows:

  1. United States – $31.6B
  2. Japan – $22.7B
  3. China – $20.0B
  4. Brazil – $14.6B
  5. Korea – $13.3B
  6. Mexico – $7.3B
  7. France – $4.9B
  8. Malaysia – $4.7B
  9. Russia – $4.3B
  10. Germany – $3.8B
  11. UK – $3.2B
  12. Columbia – $3.0B
  13. Taiwan – $3.0B
  14. Italy – $3.0B
  15. Thailand – 2.9B
  16. Venezuela – $2.3B
  17. Canada – $2.2B
  18. Argentina – $1.7B
  19. Australia – $1.5B
  20. Peru – $1.4B
  21. Indonesia – $1.1B
  22. India – $1.1B
  23. Philippines – $1.0B

Why did MLM grow during a global economic recession?

The survey reports that there are people with lower levels of education and little discretionary income or resources to invest in a business.. while at the same time you have a rapidly growing middle class that can now afford to buy products they like from friends and family.  Both supply and demand have grown together.

The report also mentioned that “when things go bad and people lose their jobs, they start being more interested in direct selling to complement and increase their incomes.”

On a personal note.. as I look at this list of countries, I’m reminded of the tax deductions available to home-based entrepreneurs.  Wouldn’t it be nice to travel to some far away land and deduct that trip as a business expense?!