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They say that success leaves clues.  So if you want to be a success, you have to do the things that other successful people do..

Early in my MLM career, I spent time at the home of my upline mentor.  I wanted to see how he lived.  How he worked.  How he played.  When did he prospect?  How did he prospect?  What did he say on the phone to his mlm lead?.. I wanted to see and hear for myself **exactly** what this millionaire upline did on a daily basis to make the kind of money that he made (he was one of a dozen or so millionaires in the company.)

In today’s mlm lead video interview below, you’ll hear from top producer Paul Kroto.  Paul discusses his daily actions and what it takes for him to be a top mlm producer.

Do you have what it takes to become successful?  Do you have the drive?  The stick-to-itness?  The discipline?

I think you do.

Actually, I know you do.

This article described mlm lead, mlm leads and mlm leads training.  Success leaves clues.  Start doing the things that other Top MLM Producers do to build their MLM business.  Click here to order your mlm leads.

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