This article describes MLM lead generation and MLM lead list prospecting and how to improve your MLM email lead and MLM Lead List marketing results.

If you’re using email marketing now for prospecting or considering it in the future, here are 3 things that you should do to improve your MLM lead generation, MLM lead list and MLM email lead marketing results…

But before we get into that, let’s first talk your email from the receiving Internet Service Provider or ISPs point of view. Doing so will help you see the big picture of email. And you’ll learn how to work within their system to get your email delivered and read.

Let’s say you have an Autoresponder Solution account setup at to send out prospecting emails. Emails go out on your behalf from our servers. Those emails are addressed to your list of contacts. Each of those emails contains 3 items: a subject line, a message body and a link to your website or landing page.

Emails are sent to an ISP like Yahoo accepts the email. Reads the email address of the recipient then places the email in that user’s inbox.

Next the reader opens their email. They read your email and let’s say they have no interest in your offer. And let’s say that instead of using the unsubscribe link in the email message, they click the “SPAM” button. That’s their way of unsubscribing.

Now let me explain what just happened to your email when the “spam” button was clicked…

The ISP looks analyzes your email. It remembers the subject line you used. It remembers the ad copy in the message that you used. And it remembers the URL you used in the message. Then it compares them to other spam complaints. When it sees a certain number of similarities, it concludes that your email is like all the other email that was labeled spam. It must be spam then.

So what can you do to keep your MLM email lead list and advertising dollar working for you?

Here are 3 things that you can do to keep your marketing results where you want them:

1) Change your subject line.

Every so often change the wording of your subject line. This is real simple. Instead of using:

Hello Firstname, you’ve got to check this out… change it to something like… You’ve really got to check this thing out Firstname.

Both subject lines mean the same but now they’re different than what you’ve used previously.

Want to know what phrases and keywords to avoid? Click here to read Troy’s article on what to avoid.

2) Change the body of your email message.

Again this is very simple. Just use different words to convey the same message. You can even mix up the paragraphs just as long as the emails make sense to the reader.

Want to know what phrases and keywords to avoid? Click here to read Troy’s article on what to avoid.

3) Change your web URL or web address.

Again this is also very easy. Go to and purchase a domain. Don’t buy one that you’re going to become attached to. Instead, buy something like Then forward or redirect that domain to your landing page. If you don’t know how to do that, call and they’ll help you. Then update your email messages using the new URL.

Again these are 3 simple things you can do to keep your MLM email lead prospecting results where you want them.

How often should you change them?

I’d recommend every few weeks or at least once a month.

Again, this is very simple to do and does not require very much time. But taking these few easy steps every few weeks will do wonders towards improving your email marketing result.

Need more help? Call us at 785.539.6904 or visit us at Enrique Garibay. Make it a great day.

In summary, this article describes MLM lead generation and MLM lead list prospecting and how to improve your MLM email lead and MLM Lead List marketing results. Let me know how it works for you using our Autoresponder Solution.


Keywords: MLM lead generation, MLM lead list, MLM email lead

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