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Enrique: Let’s talk a little bit about email marketing itself. You have obviously sent out a lot of email to your lists. Is it fair to say that anything you do in the email space – or advertising for that matter – that you’re testing, measuring and refining to get optimal results? Talk a little bit about that please. Do you do any testing in measuring?

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Consider tracking such things as number of messages sent, emails opened, emails clicked-thru and number of form fills on your landing page. That way can continually improve your marketing for optimal results when mailing to mlm email lead and autoresponder lead lists.

Paul: That’s all I do.

I was in the military after college. I became very military-minded in that I had to know every single thing that was going on. So I keep track of open rates, click rates, tour rates and signup rates and all those numbers.

I see where the weak link is so we can see how we can tweak things. It’s funny… if I could write a book on how to do it, I would. But it’s more of an art. You try something and you think it’s gonna work and it doesn’t. It it doesn’t work all. And then something that you thought had no shot at working, ends up working the best.

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I do have some things that I have come across that are great rules to follow. It is an art though. You have to keep tracking things and tweaking things and watch things because they will change.

There are a lot of different spam filters out there that are looking for good honest people like us that do have a good optin list who are sincere about helping other people. Even if you send an email letter to your friend, and you mention a few key words in there that a certain ISP doesn’t like, they’ll blocked your email.

So it is always a game trying to keep your email plain and make sure that it gets delivered.

Deliverability is absolutely the number one goal when it comes to email marketing. Make sure that email gets from you to them … that’s the only goal that you should really have in your mind in the beginning.

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