This Million dollar producer uses 1 mlm email lead type to build his business opportunity. He uses mlm email lead lists or autoresponder lead lists.

Enrique: Let’s talk about the message itself. You basically had a call to action to your mlm lead list. What was that call to action at the time? Was it to go to my website?

Opt In MLM Email Lead and Autoresponder Lead Marketing Tip

It’s important to find out how well your emails are working with your mlm email lead and autoresponder lead list.

Consider tracking such things as number of messages sent, emails opened, emails clicked-thru and number of form fills on your landing page. That way can continually improve your marketing for optimal results when mailing to mlm email lead and autoresponder lead lists.

Paul: Yes, it was to go to my website and fill out the splash landing page. It was a page that talked about making $2,000 to $5,000 a month. It had lifestyle pictures on it and instructed the visitor to fill out the form so that we could give them more information.

Enrique: Once a person filled out the form and hit submit, what was the experience for the person thereafter?

Paul: That was the great part. That was the part that I loved.

Once they filled out the form, they were actually taken out of one autoresponder campaign – we call a series of the emails a campaign. the first campaign was to get them to go to the site. Once we got them to go to the site and fill out the form, we removed them from one campaign and added them to a new campaign. The second campaign was called “people that took a tour”.

There would be another 20 emails in that campaign that would say “thank you for touring … here is why you should upgrade”. We would then give them reasons why they should upgrade. We would then send them back to the website. Most people would not look through the whole website at tone time. There might be five or six pages to a website. A lot of people would just look at one or two pages the first time. Then you have to tell them to go back to finish the tour.

It would take literally three to six months to see the results from the campaign. This is not something that happens overnight. You have to build a relationship with your mlm lead prospects. It takes awhile to click on email and actually take a tour and think about it. They might do it when they get another email. Then they say to themselves “I’ll definitely do it”. Then they forget about it. So it is not an overnight process. But we understood that. That’s why there were so many emails spread out over a six month period. We knew that some time over those six months that if we followed up with them enough times that we would get them to order.

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In previous times we were making all those phone calls to mlm lead lists. It was hard to keep things organized. You have to be super organized to follow-up with an mlm lead that you had talked to today and remember to call them in five months. So that’s the power of an autoresponder and that it just automatically follows up with them five months from now. Because everyone’s life changes every 90 days. So the most powerful thing I’ve ever seen created is an autoresponder.

The fortune in this industry is in the follow-up. So many people spend money on mlm lead lists. They even give samples out to people and they just don’t follow-up. That is the number one problem in this industry. It’s the number-one reason people don’t succeed with mlm leads or mlm email leads. They don’t understand the amount of follow-up necessary to get someone into business.

In this process, and the prospect thinks that in the beginning there is no way that they’ll ever get into business. And then slowly but surely they start changing in their mind to the point where 30, 60, 90 days later they think, “you know what … maybe this is something I should be doing”. And then they decide to do it.

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