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Enrique: I guess you began to look around at that point. So what happened? How were you introduced to network marketing and 1 lead mlm lead list?

Paul: Actually was a pretty funny situation. My grandmother had received a tape in the mail. It was an audio tape. And she listened to it …

Enrique: Let me guess … “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie?”

Paul: Right. It was a very popular take back again mid-90s.

She received a copy of it and gave it to me knowing that I was into nutrition and and would be interested in that. I think I wore that tape out. I loved the concept of it and it made a lot of sense to me. So I immediately called the person whose name was on the tape and told him that I would love to get some of this product.




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Paul: So I tried some the product and liked it. I drank about two or three bottles and he called me back and asked me what I thought of it. I told him that I liked it and that I was a personal trainer in a health club. He says you can actually make money at this. I was like, really? How does that work?

He said to pass out the tapes to my personal training clients and if they liked it they can order some too and that I could actually earn a commission on it. I said “wow”… that would be wonderful.

So I started handing out all these tapes to people that I knew. I started taking orders for the product and people were drinking it and liking it. So I was making a little bit of money but I had no idea what the business was. I don’t think that I even knew that it was multilevel marketing and if I did, I would not even known what multilevel marketing was.




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